New CSCS Card

24 June 2021

There is a new CSCS card that is due to commence from September onwards. It’s called the Industry Placement Card Р

This temporary card is available for learners undergoing a construction related qualification or training programme which requires the completion of a work placement, such as T-Levels or Trainee Skills Development Programmes. There has been a query from a small number of employers that a lot of sites won’t accept it because it does not have a level 1 health and safety unit attached to it. We asked CSCS for a response to this and their reply is ‚Äď

“The introduction of the Industry Placement card is as a result of changes to educational policy in the UK which has seen an increased focus on vocational education. This includes the introduction of the Traineeship Skills Development Programme and T Level qualifications

It is a requirement of the Industry Placement card for the learner to have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operative Test or one of the CSCS Partner Scheme equivalents. This is the same health and safety testing requirement as for the Level 2 Occupational Skill Cards which these learners will be ultimately aspiring to attain. Their recognised qualification programme will also separately demand further health and safety knowledge relevant to the area of construction being studied.

The Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment is a requirement of the CSCS Labourers card. Its content reflects the health and safety knowledge required of construction labourers who are often faced with a wide, varied and often dangerous range of work activities. Learners holding the Industry Placement card are not being trained to become construction labourers and so attainment of the Level 1 Award was considered unnecessary.‚ÄĚ