Find out how we’re making it easier for employers to transfer and access funds for apprenticeships

30 July 2021

We’re making changes to ensure the apprenticeship service meets employers’ needs. We will soon launch a new service to make it easier for employers to transfer and access funds for apprenticeships. Find out more by joining our webinar on 11 August, 10am to 11am. We will cover: an overview of the new transfers service how employers can create a transfer pledge to advertise transfer opportunities to support other employers how employers can apply to receive a transfer what intermediary organisations can do to help You will have the opportunity to ask questions in a live question and answer session.

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Further updates to the apprenticeship service

Here’s a summary of the areas we’re updating
more details are outlined below:
Finding a training provider – updates now live
Transfers of levy funds to pay for apprenticeships – updates coming soon
Selecting apprenticeship standards – updates coming soon
Onboarding apprentices – updates coming soon
Please share this information with your members and employer networks, so they are prepared and can make the most of the new functionality.

Finding a training provider – updates now live

If employers can’t find a provider offering the apprenticeship training they need, they can now fill out a simple online form to share their interest in a particular course with all providers.
Since the launch of this service many employers have registered their training needs and providers have been responding quickly.
To share their interest, employers should search for a course using ‘Find apprenticeship training’, enter a town, city or postcode and select ‘View providers for this course’. If there are no results, employers should look for ‘Can’t find a training provider?’ and select ‘Share your interest’.

Transfers of levy funds to pay for apprenticeships – updates coming soon
Employers who pay the apprenticeship levy (those with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million) will be able to pledge unspent levy funds (up to their 25% transfer allowance) to support apprenticeships in other businesses.
All businesses will be able to see these transfer opportunities on a webpage and employers will be able to apply for funding to pay for 100% of their apprenticeship training and assessment costs (up to the funding band maximum).

Selecting apprenticeship standards – updates coming soon
Within their account, employers will be able to select which version of an apprenticeship standard they would like to be delivered by providers and end-point assessment organisations. This will ensure training matches their business needs and their apprentices receive the right training and assessment.

Onboarding apprentices – updates coming soon
New apprentices added to employers’ accounts will receive an email, asking them to create an account for the new ‘Confirm my apprenticeship details’ service, where they will be able to review and confirm the details of their apprenticeship. Apprentices will be able to refer back to these details during their apprenticeship and also access guidance on what is expected of them, their provider and their employer.
If apprentices do not confirm their details or access the guidance, this will not impact them starting their apprenticeship or funding being received. As part of onboarding apprentices, employers should encourage them to complete this task, as it will help to make their apprenticeship a quality experience.
Employers should now begin collecting a unique email address for each of their future apprentices, ready for the launch of this service.

Access support

If employers require support using the apprenticeship service, they can watch our how-to videos, check the advice on or visit our help portal. From the help portal employers can access help articles, webchat with an adviser, call (08000 150 600) or text (07588 690018) our helpline, or email our helpdesk.