Hamilton for the multi-skilled trades

7 September 2021

Following months of extensive research into today’s users, Hamilton discovered that a large sector of multi-skilled trades are looking for a range of high quality decorating tools to be more readily available to them.

With 90% naming Hamilton as an aspirational, trusted brand – the market-leading name in decorating tools decided to make their dreams a reality…

Hamilton For the Trade.

Why a new range?

Hamilton will always be dedicated to the professional painter and decorator – a heartland for their product development and innovation since 1746. With many more professional users now offering skilled decorating services it is right that this well-known brand offers a simple, comprehensive and quality range of products tailored to these needs.

“We’re certainly not stepping outside of our heartland of professional decorators”, says Brand Manager Sarah Coussens, “we are instead embracing those multi-skilled trades and welcoming them into the fold”.

“They also need access to products that offer innovation, quality and confidence – we’re generating even more decorating champions”, Sarah continues.

A range to meet specific needs

With the majority of such trade users purchasing from their local builder’s merchant or trade counter, the development of the Hamilton For the Trade range fulfils this need for increased availability perfectly.

“Speed and efficiency are proving to be key drivers for trade users, where a smaller selection of tools to cover a wider variety of applications and paint types is vital”, says Sarah. Hamilton knows that a more specialist selection of tools for specific applications is certainly more in-line with the needs of the professional painter and decorator. Whereas ease of selection and keeping a handy set of multi-purpose tools is essential for a trades person who is multi-skilled, and not just decorating 100% of their time. This led to the development of Hamilton’s ‘For the Trade’ range.

Tried and tested

The new range has already been tried and tested by real users, following a trade magazine recruitment drive. Using the products for over 2 weeks, each trade team gave valuable, positive feedback on the range that gives assured confidence for other users.

These brushes are fantastic. Never shed a single hair. The brush(es) absorbed the paint really well and stored it within the stock reducing the need to revisit the kettle. They really are great brushes. Are these premium or contact?”

B J Tiller & Son Ltd, Spalding

Products were also put through laboratory trials that tested for filament loss, coverage, pick-up and release, speed and control, as well as lint loss and spatter.

Brushes were compared to over 30 others in the market and scored higher than some alternative, more premium products. The new range of brushes picked up more paint than key competitor brushes, covered a larger area with less paint and had the best results in an automated ‘pull test’ – meaning no filament loss.

Roller sleeves were also tested against similar products available in the market, and the results were certainly not disappointing! Everything you would expect from a Hamilton sleeve and more: no lint loss, minimal spatter, great finish, and so importantly … brilliant coverage – better than some more premium products available. All these benefits make for a good job, completed with ease.


“A key point from our research” continues Sarah, “is that speed is very key for multi-skilled trades people. As they undertake a variety of jobs, getting a great finish fast is crucial.”

“Our For the Trade brushes and sleeves have proven to be streets ahead in the speed stakes too!”

Both were tested against competitor products for speed of application, and the resulting coverage. The For the Trade 2” flat brush completed a panel door 25% faster than a leading competitor, with a more even coverage and no tramlines. This totals a time saving of approx. 30 minutes in the average house.

The 9” medium pile sleeve completed a similarly sized area just over 30% faster than a leading competitor. Sarah continues, “Not only was it faster, it took less dips in the paint kettle. This means that you’re using less paint, getting better coverage, and finishing the job quicker!”

A comprehensive range

Hamilton’s new For The Trade range is available now at Toolstation, with further merchants and decorating supply outlets to follow.

The range is simple, providing easy choice, and includes brushes, sleeves, frames, roller sets, tools, surface protection and accessories.

The fine-tipped synthetic brushes are designed for use with all paints, and have FSC® certified wooden handles – flat, reach, angled and cutting-in brushes are available.

Larger wall brushes are also included in the range, alongside a masonry and timbercare brush for outdoor projects. A handy masonry kit provides sleeves, tray, frame and brush for tough exteriors.

9” Roller sleeves are available in short, medium and long pile – all with a 1¾” core for maximum pick-up. 4” minis are also provided, in medium pile and high density foam, as well as a 12” medium pile. Easy visual clarification is key: quite simply, 1 stripe for short pile, 2 stripes for medium pile and 3 stripes for long pile.

Tools and accessories include kettle, scuttle, trays and liners that are all made from 100% recycled materials, and a great 42 Litre multi-purpose tubbie with reinforced handles. Durable but lightweight extension poles comes in short, medium and long and all have the POZLOCK® positive locking system to hold lengths in place firmly. And a filling knife, stripping knife and pack of continental filling knives complete the assortment.

Protection is also ‘covered’ with this range: both hard floor and carpet protection rolls provide spill-resistance whilst a poly dust sheet roll is available for general, lighter use.

And finally, not forgetting a selection of roller sets and kits allowing an easy stock-up for the jobs at hand!

For further information please visit hamiltondecoratingtools.co.uk or check out their social media channels. Please also visit toolstation.com