Inspiring the Next Generation – Neil Ogilvie

21 September 2021

For the next instalment of Purdy’s Inspiring the Next Generation series, they spoke with Neil Ogilvie, CEO of the Painting and Decorating Association (PDA) to find out about his career and what it really means to be a professional decorator.

Neil has a wealth of experience in the painting and decorating industry, having completed his apprenticeship and working on the tools for many years. Neil has been at the PDA for over 12 years, fulfilling numerous roles including Wakefield Branch President, President for the North East, National President of the PDA and now Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for ensuring the PDA effectively supports its Members and promotes best practices across the painting and decorating industry.

Neil says that whilst it is important to be able to learn the trade and do the job to the best of your ability, having business management skills is also vital for a professional painter and decorator. This is especially true when it comes to building trust with the customer and reassuring them that employing you will give them the quality finish they are after.

Neil also believes that professionals should value their tools – and says that looking after them and keeping them clean will result in a fantastic finish.