Social Media Shortcuts For Your Business Guide

18 February 2022

Alcumus SafeContractor has partnered with Alix Digital to create a guide to increase your understanding of social media.

At Alcumus SafeContractor, our insights have shown that 47% of businesses gain new clients via social media. Currently, there are 4.55 billion social media users around the world – with numbers as immense as this, it’s unquestionable that social media is a powerful tool for businesses, no matter how many employees you have. Therefore, we have partnered with Alix Digital to get you started on social media with some top tips.

SafeContractor is a SSIP accreditation and PAS91 aligned contractor scheme. It proves you’re compliant with all the latest relevant legislation. Being SafeContractor accredited shows customers that your health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity, and environmental management policies and documentation are up to date and meet all the standards for your industry.

Social media is a great way to promote your business and services alongside your accreditation, it allows you to connect with customers and attract them with the services you’re able to deliver with peace of mind. Many businesses assume that social media is only for those that have a large following or that it’s too expensive to use. However, you can spread information about your business or promote it in an efficient and cost-effective method. As you start developing your social media presence, you’ve got several things to think about – to learn more about the following content, request our free brochure here: 
Social Media Shortcuts For Your Business Guide.

Content Included

1. Making your profile stand out on:

a) Facebook
b) LinkedIn

2. Creating content that improves organic reach on:

a) Facebook
b) LinkedIn

3. Paid social media – how to run campaigns that get results

4. Social media tips and automation to save you time

Creating Facebook content that improves organic reach


Visually appealing and eye-catching content is essential to stand out in people’s busy news feeds. It doesn’t mean you need to invest in photoshop, a photographer, or a videographer. You can make great images by ensuring you have good lighting, clear audio and any graphics are on-brand. Pro-tip: there are a number of free platforms for making graphics, our favourite is Canva which has a wide range of features to stay on-brand.


The key to getting more reach on your posts is to get more engagement. Effectively, you want to get in front of your audience’s audience. There are a number of top tips to consider for increasing engagement from your audience:

  • Use questions in your posts that your audience will be able to (and want to) answer.
  • Respond to comments and any questions from your audience.
  • Post about topics that are trending and get your audience’s thoughts.
  • Host a Q&A to encourage questions from your page’s audience.


Getting your audience or customers to create content about your product or service can do wonders for reach as well as build trust. To inspire your audience to do this you can try… To read more, download here Social Media Shortcuts For Your Business Guide.