24 May 2022


Francesco Sleter: 1685-1775; A Representation of the Liberal Arts (£40.00 per sqm)

This May, Graham & Brown brings art into the home with the launch of its exclusive TATE collection, in the form of 32 fully customisable wall murals. These showcase some beautiful works of art by artists including, J.M.W Turner, Claude Monet, Ethel Walker, Jessica Dismorr and Vincent Van Gogh.

Rosey Blackmore, Licensing and Merchandise Director at TATE:

‚ÄúWe are thrilled to be working with Graham & Brown on a collection of murals which gives people the chance to live with the art they love. Our mission at Tate is all about encouraging the enjoyment of art- and we believe that these products will truly do that.‚ÄĚ

Alan Kemp, Head of Brand at Graham & Brown:

‚ÄúWe [Graham & Brown] are privileged to have had the opportunity to browse the TATE collection and choose some exquisite works of art to create some of the most stunning custom murals available.¬† It has been a truly exhilarating project to work on.¬† As TATE has a vast archive containing some of the most iconic pieces of art in the world, we had some tough decisions to make, but we are thrilled to be able to bring these great pieces into the home.¬† Why frame your favourite painting when you can have a wall full of it, or your very own ceiling mural?¬† Your favourite piece of art your way, is only limited by your imagination.‚ÄĚ

This exclusive range of murals includes works from Dutch pioneer of abstract art, Piet Mondrian, who developed from early landscape pictures to geometric abstract works such as Composition with Yellow, Blue & Red (1935). Contrastingly, Victor Pasmore’s Spiral Motif in Green, Violet, Blue and Gold: The Coast of the Inland Sea (1950), presents a harmony of colourful curvilinear forms, a striking piece, perfect for creating a focal point in any room

British Artist, Jessica Dismorr’s. Abstract Composition (1915) features a series of pastel-coloured geometric forms, reminiscent of architectural components, overlapping on a black ground. A dark yellow triangular prism with a curved side provides a vertical focus and splits the composition in two. Another mural featuring Dismorr’s works is Related Forms (1937), an abstract nature of works comprising of cooling blue hues.

Fully customisable to meet customers specifications and dimensions, Graham & Brown’s online easy-to-use, made-to-measure tool allows customers to personalise each of Graham & Brown’s unique mural designs to their walls, making them easy to hang with minimal waste.

The range of Graham & Brown paper substrates allow the mural to be personalised even further. Handpicked by the Graham & Brown studio, the selection of premium paper finishes each offer a key feature or benefit. From ‚ÄėPremium Fabric Effect‚Äô, a woven textured finish perfect for masking existing wall imperfections, to ‚ÄėMica Fibrous‚Äô a luxurious lustre which shimmers in the light, you can choose a finish which is guaranteed to suit your personal style. The mural production is powered by renewable energy, it uses water-based inks and all papers come from sustainable sources.


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