Work Right ebulletin: Inspections |Dust Kills | award winners | cost of stress

23 June 2022

Work Right to protect people and places

Issued: 22 June 2022 There is plenty of news to catch up on in this latest bulletin, including details of an inspection campaign in the construction sector, and news of the winner of design award…

Construction health inspections underway

Throughout June, construction sites across Great Britain are being targeted as part of a month-long respiratory health inspection initiative and Dust Kills campaign.

HSE inspectors are checking that employers and workers know the risks, plan their work and are using the right controls to protect workers from inhaling construction dust including respirable crystalline silica and wood dust.

To help highlight the health risks and the control measures required on site to prevent exposure to dust, we’ve created a network of key organisations in construction and occupational health.

Advice for employers, workers and small builders is available on our Dust Kills campaign website.

Award winning workplace design

msd graphic

Chemical engineering and manufacturing specialist, Solvay Derbyshire are this year’s winners of The Risk Reduction Through Design Award for protecting workers from developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The winning company worked with designer Haviland Industrial Ovens to reduce manual handling risks when loading 38kg bowls into a warming oven, which were lifted up to 48 times per shift. MSDs include injuries and conditions that can affect the back, joints and limbs.

The high-level oven was replaced with a floor-level one and a bespoke trolley was designed with a removable handle to allow the resin bowls to be wheeled directly into the new oven. The new design only requires one person to carry out the task, increasing productivity as well as reduced risk of resin spills and contact with the hot oven.

Commendations were given to two further entries to the awards for Airbus Operations Limited and British Wool.

Further details about the award winner and the commended entries can be found on our website.

The award is sponsored by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) and was presented at the CIEHF’s virtual awards ceremony 17 June.

Cost of poor mental health to employers has increased by 25%

stressed worker

A recent Deloitte report estimates that the total annual cost of poor mental health to employers has increased by 25% since 2019.  

Work can be mentally demanding at times and lots of us have experienced stressful periods at work, but when it’s happening frequently or over a long period of time, it can really start to impact our physical and mental health.   

Building a supportive workplace, where workers look out for each other and relationships are positive, can help reduce – even prevent, stress developing. So how can we make looking after our mental health just as routine as managing safety at work?  

The first thing for you to be aware of is that the law requires employers to assess the potential risk from work related stress and act on it. If you didn’t know, don’t worry – you can get started today with our five simple steps; 

  1. reach out and have the conversations, 
  2. recognise the signs of stress,
  3. respond to any risks identified, 
  4. reflect on what’s happened and 
  5. make it routine. 

Take our quiz to check your knowledge. For more on our campaigns, visit the Work Right website.