Crown Paints launches brand campaign demonstrating fresh, new journey and urging people to ‘paint their own possible’

10 August 2022

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Crown Paints has unveiled a new brand campaign which will encourage customers to paint their world better, braver, and more beautifuller.

The campaign, named Life Stories, sees Crown Paints take on a fresh direction by documenting a number of personal journeys which portray the positive impact that our home environments have on our day to day lives.

The recently launched ‘Walls & Ceilings’ range features heavily in the campaign, boasting 80 stunning colours.

The campaign represents Crown’s first major brand investment for years, with the paint manufacturer making a multi-million pound investment in the multi-channel brand and communications initiative.

Incorporating Crown’s own purpose-driven measures, the campaign will launch with a three-part series of television adverts which highlight key scenarios facing consumers today, each at a different stage of life.

Highly distinctive and disruptive for the paint industry, the adverts centre on the transformational power of colour, focusing on the potential paint brings to change a room, a mood, and even a life, rather than simply focusing on the aesthetic of redecorating a room.

Targeted at 25 to 40-year-olds, the first adverts tell the story of expectant parents Hannah and Dave, who are preparing for the arrival of their first-born child, and the joy and uncertainty that ‘nesting’ phase brings.

The second features Luke, who shows he can live as an independent man after flying the nest and renovating a home of his own.

In the third life story Jen, who is looking for love, spruces up her home so that she can impress a new prospective partner.

Simple, quirky, and human, the adverts are delivered in a fresh and engaging way using a combination of bespoke lyrics, spoken work, and an addictive musical hook.

Each advert features a rich and diverse cast of actors singing a jingle while the room is being decorated. Running from 8th August to 12th September, each advert showcases new and vibrant colours from the Walls & Ceilings range.

The brand campaign forms part of Crown Paints’ wider strategy to make a positive difference in the world, beyond the paint it puts on our walls.

Katie McLean, Marketing Director for Crown UK and Ireland, said:

“Life is never straightforward. As we’ve seen in the last few years alone there’s a surprise around every corner. At Crown it’s always been about more than paint and with this campaign we wanted to put a positive and light-hearted spin on rising to life’s challenges, showing that everyone can paint their own possible when they put their mind to it.

“Colour plays such a key role in creating meaningful and personal environments, injecting our spaces with a real sense of value, positivity, and purpose.

“Our ambition for our new campaign is not just to inspire, but also to really empathise with and show support for our customers – and hopefully raise a smile, or at least an eyebrow, at the same time!”

The campaign will sit across TV, digital, social media, as well as being incorporated into new product packaging.

Crown’s new Walls & Ceilings range is available to buy at Homebase, Wickes, The Range, Crown Decorating Centres and other leading independent retailers.

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