A new industry standard

6 October 2022

Power through with X-Coat

Axus Decor has developed a robust, solvent-resistant roller for painting in commercial and industrial environments. X-Coat’s toughened nylon fibres stand up to water-based, oil-based, epoxy, shellac and most other coatings, retaining their shape for an extremely long time. Many roller fabrics are fixed to their core with an adhesive that aggressive solvents will dissolve. The X-Coat fabric, however, is fused with heat to a hardwearing polypropylene core, so it won’t ever unravel.

Two large yellow paint roller foams and one small

Examples of uses include painting floors, machinery, swimming pools, plant equipment and marine application. It’s available in 4″ and 12″ sizes, compatible with the S-Frame and Captain Chunk Wide Roller Frame. Both are resistant to the same coatings.

X-Coat is part of Axus Decor’s new yellow series, an expanding collection of hardwearing products for industrial environments.