Paint Green scheme launched to drive down waste

22 November 2022

The Painting and Decorating Association (PDA), has launched a new sustainability initiative in a bid to reduce waste in the sector.

The Paint Green project will encourage PDA Members to earn the Paint Green stamp of approval by pledging to recycle or reuse excess paint and containers.

The initiative aims to dovetail with existing paint and container reuse and recycle schemes and help customers identify painters and decorators who are committed to protecting the planet.

The PDA is the UK’s largest trade body dedicated to the painting and decorating sector, and represents hundreds of businesses across the country from sole operators to large nationwide contractors.

Paint Green status will be available to all PDA Members who take the Paint Green Pledge and show that they are taking meaningful steps to reduce waste.

PDA Chief Executive, Neil Ogilvie, said:

“Clients across the domestic, commercial and public sector markets are increasingly concerned about the sustainability aspects of the businesses they work with.

“Paint Green status will be given to PDA Members who pledge to drive down waste by signing up to existing schemes that recycle or reuse paint or containers.

‚ÄúThe Paint Green logo will identify painting and decorating businesses that have committed to improve the way they manage waste and therefore reduce their impact on the planet.‚ÄĚ

Launched at the PDA‚Äôs AGM, held at the National Painting and Decorating Show on Tuesday 22 November, Paint Green will recognise the work of PDA Members who have already started to build sustainability principles into their business, as well as supporting Members who are ready to start their sustainability journey.

Members will be asked to make a record of their waste reduction efforts from 20 March 2023, with Paint Green status renewed annually thereafter for Members who can demonstrate they are improving year-on-year.

Neil added:

“PDA Members are welcome to sign up straight away if they wish, but we recognise that not everyone is ready to commit to this just yet.

“Members interested in achieving Paint Green status now have around three months to consider how they can introduce recycling and reuse, as well as looking at schemes near them that can support them in those aims.

‚ÄúFrom March, we‚Äôll be asking Members to take the Paint Green Pledge and start keeping a record of the work they are doing to reach the required level of recycling.‚ÄĚ

PDA Members who make the Paint Green Pledge will have access to a range of materials to support them in making sustainable choices, including the ‚ÄėGreen List‚Äô directory of recycle and reuse schemes, a ‚ÄėGreen Card‚Äô on which to record their efforts and an online Paint Green Guide.

More information about the PDA and the Paint Green scheme is at: Paint Green