Best practice for equipment washing – can you help?

15 December 2022

Are you based in the Midlands?

BCF need two PDA Members to star in videos about best practice when washing paint brushes and rollers. Both videos need to show how to minimise water usage and the amount of paint that goes down the drain in the process.

The first video is for the general public and the second will demonstrate how professional decorators use washing equipment – on a construction site for example.

The BCF marketing team will come and film on location where you are working, so ideally they would like to find Members reasonably close to Coventry, but will travel further if necessary. The aim is to make the videos in January 2023.

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We appreciate this will take some time out of your busy day, so BCF are looking for Members who see the benefits of being involved.

Any expenses incurred due to filming will be paid and PDA CEO Neil will be present throughout. If you would like to discuss the process with Neil, please telephone 024 7635 3776 or email [email protected]

Register your interest with Denice at Head Office; Telephone 024 7635 3776 or email [email protected]