Simply the first choice for tinted HMG paints

20 January 2023

Companies in Bedfordshire and beyond now have a simple choice when it comes to purchasing tinted HMG Paints products. As Barton Le Clay based Simply Coatings have completed the installation of a brand-new UNIT Tinting scheme.

simply coatings logo and nine tins of paint

The UNIT Tinting scheme allows Simply Coatings to mix a vast array of colours including BS, RAL, Agricultural and more for their customers. Furthermore, the scheme allows Simply Coatings to mix larger volumes of HMG Paints products and offer faster turnarounds for customers. Products that can be colour matched and tinted include 1K & 2K topcoats, undercoats and primers, as well as a variety of sheen levels.

Darren Hardiman, Managing Director of Simply coatings remarked

“We are delighted to be working with some of the best in the industry here at Simply Coatings and for our new investment it was an obvious choice to partner the Corob equipment with HMG Paints as we continue to grow the business in 2023 and beyond.”

DTM, PVC, Wood Coatings and more

Like many of HMG Paints distributors Simply Coatings are an independent family business and supplier & distributor of Paint & Protective coatings. Simply Coatings pride themselves in offering a range of products and full support from the moment customers get in touch until long after they have received their order. Along with the HMG Paints range which includes Direct to Metal Coatings (DTM), PVC coatings and wood finishes they offer a range of systems from various manufacturers.

“The installation of the UNIT Tinting machine takes the offering from Simply Coatings to a whole new level, and will allow their customers faster turnaround across a wide range of HMG products.”

added Roger Blinco, HMG Key Account Manager.

“Darren and the Simply Coatings team have built a great business and the installation of the new HMG Mixing schemes shows their commitment to the customers on providing exactly the right product, in the right colour when they require it.”

HMG mixing machine
HMG ColourBase
A wide selection of colours

The new UNIT scheme installation is also backed up by the HMG ColourBase Colour Box, which contains over 2400 colour chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. The box allows distributors and customers alike to choose the perfect colour from a number of ranges including RAL, British Standard, Commercial Vehicle Fleet Colours, Agricultural, Afnor and more. Every colour in the box can be then produced across a number of 1K and 2K HMG products. Across the whole of the UNIT mixing scheme HMG offer over 70,000 colour formulations ensuring that customers can always find the correct colour for their project. Uniquely HMG Paints actually manufacture their own range of colourants which in formulations to create exact colour matches. Being a colourant manufacturer means HMG can ensure each colourants uses the best pigments on the market ensuring the perfect colours every time.

As an independent paint manufacturer HMG Paints Ltd rely on a loyal, countrywide distribution network to supply and service customers. All of HMG’s paints are Made in Britain accredited and supplied across a number of industries including, industrial, commercial vehicle, decorative, defence, wood finish and arts & craft. Distributors are selected based upon their reputation and the Simply Coatings package of product and local knowledge makes them a perfect partner. Visit to see the whole range of products available.