CITB Update on Grants

31 March 2023

Increased grant for short courses

To help support with rising costs of training, we have doubled the grant rates for short courses. You can now receive either £60, £140 or £240 for short courses achieved from 1 April 2023.

Further information on short course grants can be found here.

Increased grant for specific short qualifications

We have increased the grant for supervision and management VQs achieved from 1 April 2023 from £600 to £1,250 and £1,500 respectively to help support with the removal of the CSCS Industry Accreditation card. You can find a list of the eligible qualifications on the link below.

Further information on short qualification grants can be found here.

Grant application deadlines extended from 20 to 52 weeks

You told us that differing deadlines were confusing and that it was sometimes difficult to get supporting evidence in time to meet the 20 week deadline. As a result, we have extended the grant application deadline to 52 weeks for all grant types. Attendance grant applications must now be submitted within 52 weeks of the start date and achievement grant applications within 52 weeks of the achievement date.

Grants Scheme policy

The Grants Scheme policy gives more information on how the scheme works. Before you apply for a grant, make sure you’ve read and understood the Grants Scheme policy.

The weblink to the above info is