Saving time and labour: Is spray plastering the next big thing?

17 June 2023

Specialist filler brand, Toupret, is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help you make the most of your time on the job and complete your work more efficiently, without compromising on quality.

As any good tradesperson knows, the secret to a quality job lies in quality prep work. That’s why it’s important to select the right products and methods to help you achieve an excellent finish first time round.

Now there’s a new way to save time and labour on preparation work, whilst still offering the high level of finish we all seek to achieve: Airless spray plastering.

What is airless spray plaster for?

Though relatively new to the UK, airless spray plastering has long been established on the continent and is used for a variety of jobs, including backing and levelling surfaces, taping and jointing plasterboard and fine finishing before painting. It offers real potential to boost efficiency, economise on labour and achieve a high-quality job with ease.

How does it work?

High-powered airless spray machines (usually a minimum 5L/min flow rate is needed) are equipped with a hose and gun and deliver a spray by forcing a specially formulated ‘plaster’ under high pressure through a small tip or nozzle. This forces the plaster out of the nozzle at high speed. As it makes contact with the air it consolidates into droplets which then adhere to a surface.

Ready mixed fillers (or ‘plasters’) are available for a wide range of applications and come in large 20-25kg buckets or plastic bags for filling the machine’s hopper directly.

What’s the benefit?

Airless spray technology is designed to save you time, money and effort on site. Though it may take longer initially to set up the machine and prepare the environment for spraying, the application itself is significantly faster than any manual method. This makes it particularly suitable for large areas. For example, skimming or finishing a 50m² room typically takes 8 hours to apply 2 coats. With airless technology, it can be achieved in 2½ hours.

Naturally, by completing a job in less time, there’s a cost saving benefit too. Extra time can open you up to extra work and, of course, there are lower labour costs. The ready mixed fillers and airless technology also significantly reduce water consumption and minimise product waste.

Finally, there’s the ease of application, resulting in less stress on the arms and shoulders. The effortless system of even filler distribution means less of a toll on the body, reducing the amount of movement needed. And the lightweight gun and hose makes the system more manoeuvrable: ideal for multi-storey construction sites.

Introducing the Toupret range of airless spray plasters

Building upon the benefits of spray plaster, PDA Associate Partner Toupret has put its experience and technical know-how into an airless spray plaster range that guarantees the high quality and reliability the brand is famous for.

Toupret’s airless spray plasters can be sprayed up to 5mm thick without compromising on quality: every product also offers an excellent finish, ready for painting.

AIRLESS JOINTING PLASTER can joint and skim in one coat, is easy to apply, trowel and sand, and has a fine finish*.

AIRLESS PLASTER is designed for backing and has a long working time. It does not shrink or crack, can be applied thickly and dries quickly. It has such a good finish that, once dry, it’s ready for painting.

AIRLESS ALL-IN-ONE PLASTER offers both a high build and impeccable finish, and is easy to sand, enabling you to level and fine-finish a wall or ceiling all in one product.

*Difficult applications may need more than one coat