Christmas with Graham & Brown

27 July 2023

When we look ahead towards the festive season, we often think of decorating for Christmas, each year it becomes more difficult to keep up the creative flare and remain relevant with the ever-changing trends. With that in mind, we looked at the most traditional colours in the Christmas rule book, Red White and Green, and created some alternative ways you can elevate your decor with traditional schemes.

James Greenwood, Interiors Expert at Graham & Brown:

‚ÄúWe love decorating at Christmas! This time of year, is particularly social and we like to make our home as welcoming as possible for family and friends. Whether you‚Äôre entertaining friends for an evening of festivity, or you‚Äôre hosting guests who can‚Äôt be at home for Christmas, you can create the perfect environment to help people feel at ease, cosy and of course, jolly! With that in mind, we are thrilled to share our three favourite Christmas stylings.‚ÄĚ


Scandiscape Winter wallpaper (£80 per roll), Aurora Mist curtains (from £95.95) & Luxe Interior Eggshell paint (£36 per 1l)

The first look in the Graham & Brown Christmas collection is the frosted blue interior design for the minimalist Scandi loving interior experts. This look is often favoured by minimalists, but it also works well for those who favour Scandi interiors with frosted whites and earthly neutrals for an understated elegant interior scheme. This look gives the home a sense of calm that is often not felt during the festive period.

Paula Taylor, Head Stylist at Graham & Brown, explains:

‚ÄúFrozen style interiors bring the snowy days of Christmas inside creating a sanctuary in the home. Interiors have transparency and lightness to them creating a clear space for meditation to unwind from the sensory overload of the outside world which is necessary over the festive period. Connectivity is vital to nurture relationships. These natural materials bring a relaxing vibe.‚ÄĚ

Zest Of Christmas

Amalfi Umore wallpaper (£70 per roll), Fortune Cookie Interior Eggshell paint (£36 per 1l) & Tattoo Resistance Matt paint (£54 per 2.5l)

The second look in the collection is a zesty design from the archive. Christmas is synonymous with joy, and we want our interiors to create that joyous feeling for ourselves and our guests. When the year seems to be filled with doom and gloom, this is a fun and playful way to refresh the interiors to boost the mood, while also creating a space that will be used year-round, and we can do this with wallpaper, paint, and decorations. It may not be a traditional scheme for Christmas, but it’s a sure-fire way to bring some vibrancy and fun to the home this holiday.

Paula Taylor comments:

This Christmas interior scheme allows you to free yourself and connect with others without feeling the need to fit in, that’s the joy of Christmas! We can celebrate the individuality in everyone and inject pure joy into a space.  We welcome you to be a little expressive this Christmas, while on the surface this citrus infusion may seem out of place the colour palette for this look is just perfect for the festive season, this, teamed with perfectly partnered paint and decorations creates a cohesive and creative space.

House Envy

Restore Emerald Custom wallpaper (£37 per m²), Restore Emerald curtains (from £86.18) & Adeline Interior Eggshell paint (£36 per 1l)

The final look in the collection is bound to make guests green with envy. While green is a Christmas staple, this intense colour drenched living room creates a perfect space for a glamorous evening of festivities.  We welcome the outdoors into the home with hints of foliage through the walls and decoration.  The deep green walls and soft furnishings create a calming, contemporary space, with the gold touches and light wooden accents lifting the space into and elegant sophistication.

Paula Taylor comments:

‚ÄúBiophilia, the beauty of nature is celebrated with lines between the outside and inside blurring. Christmas is always a time where we welcome the outdoors in, with nature being used for decoration since the holiday began, namely the iconic Christmas tree, mistletoe, and wreaths. These natural elements highlight the calming, cosiness of greens which explains our desire to connect with the outdoors this time of year.‚ÄĚ