Datacolor Summer Sale

23 August 2023

Over the summer (valid until 30.09.2023), PDA Associate Partner Datacolor has lowered the prices for its ColorReader products. If you don’t yet have a colorimeter that can not only measure colours but also match them and provide a complete colour consultation, now is the time to consider it.

ColorReaders and mobile phones
Left: ColorReader EZ, Middle: ColorReader Pro, and Right: SpyderX Create Kit
ColorReader EZ

Compact and easy to use, ColorReader EZ gives DIYers just what they need to execute projects with confidence and no stress.

RRP: £69.99
Promotion Price: £39.99


Streamline your workflow with ColorReader, a smart, portable colour-measuring tool that provides precise colour values and paint colour matches anywhere and anytime.

RRP: £99.99
Promotion Price: £79.99

ColorReader Pro

ColorReader Pro has a digital screen that displays your colour measurement right on the reader. It’s our most comprehensive ColorReader tool, delivering accurate colour matches with exceptional ease of use.

RRP: £259.00
Promotion Price: £159.00

SpyderX Create Kit

Actually designed for designers, the Spyder X Create Kit can be interesting for painters and interior designers as well as for decorators. The bundle includes the ColorReader EZ colorimeter, but also the Spyder X Pro monitor calibration device, which you can use to calibrate the colour of your monitor. If you do colour consulting in the studio on the monitor, this is exactly the right set up for you.

RRP: £259.00
Promotion Price: £159.00