The Future of Airless Spray Painting: How Heated Hoses are Changing the Game

1 September 2023

As a painting and decorating business that uses airless sprayers, achieving a flawless finish and optimising paint application are crucial aspects of your work. However diluting coating materials to make them sprayable can be difficult to achieve consistency and is time-consuming and therefore expensive. Thankfully, PDA Associate Partner Wagner TempSpray Heated Hoses offer an innovative solution that can revolutionise your spray painting projects. By heating the paint material directly within the hose, this cutting-edge technology brings numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your painting processes.

Optimal Surface Quality and Atomisation

Wagner TempSpray utilise an electric heating element inside the hose, ensuring consistent heating of paint material along its entire length from 20Ā° to 60Ā°C. This precision temperature control leads to a reduction in viscosity, significantly improving the application of paint material. As a result, you can achieve an optimal surface quality with a soft spray jet that enhances atomisation, resulting in outstanding finishes.

Reduction in Overspray and Paint Savings

One of the most significant advantages of using Wagner Heated Hoses is the reduction in overspray. Heating the paint material lowers its viscosity, allowing you to set a lower spraying pressure. Running at a reduced pressure, decreases the wear on your equipment extending it service life. The reduced pressure also leads to minimised spray mist and bounce back from the surface, helping you save on paint material and costs. Any spray mist in the atmosphere falls as dried material which easily wipes off surfaces making clean up quick and easy. The result is more efficient and cost-effective painting projects.

Consistent Paint Temperature

Regardless of the external temperature, Wagner TempSpray Heated Hoses maintain a constant paint temperature, ensuring consistent paint flow characteristics and guarantees excellent edge coverage. This level of control ensures reliable performance, even during colder weather conditions. This extends the amount of time during the year which external painting projects can be done increasing the opportunity for these lucrative jobs.

Selecting the Right Version

The Wagner Heated Hose lineup includes three models. The 10m TempSpray H126 with a 0.6kW heater, ideal for fine finish work. The 15m TempSpray H226 with 1.3kW and the 30m Wagner TempSpray H326 with 1.1kW heater which are better suited for larger projects for emulsion and exterior applications. See the range here >

User-Friendly Integration

The German engineers at Wagner who design the heated hoses made them to seamlessly integrate with almost any airless spray system. The hoses feature quarter-inch inlets and outlets, making attachment to compatible guns effortless. This user-friendly design is perfect for professionals who want to streamline their painting processes.


Wagner TempSpray Heated Hoses are a game-changer for painting and decorating businesses. By heating paint material directly within the hose, these hoses offer precise temperature control, reduced overspray and cost savings. With Wagner’s exceptional German engineering and industry-leading 3+2 year guarantee. That provides 3 years as standard, then by completing the free online registration, you can extend the guarantee to 5 years for complete peace of mind.

Wagner TempSpray Heated Hoses are a valuable addition to your professional spray equipment. Upgrade your painting capabilities today and experience the unparalleled performance of Wagner TempSpray Heated Hoses.