Fast-drying Bradite floor paint wins contractors’ seal of approval

8 March 2024

PDA Associate Partner Bradite’s HD Floor + Wall paint has helped an East Midlands company stay at the top of its game, with a range of jobs completed for The Co-operative Group. AD Decorators Derbyshire Ltd has completed contracts for a range of local businesses.

The brief requires a hard-wearing floor paint that can withstand the constant movement of cages containing grocery goods in the shops’ storerooms and in other Co-Op business locations.

“There’s a lot of heavy traffic in these areas, so the re-painting has to be an overnight job once the business is shut, and it must be ready for use the next morning,” says AD Decorators director, Maria Lambert.

The Derby-based firm has been in business for more than three decades and has an impressive customer base across the heart of England and further afield.

The particular attraction of HD Floor + Wall included its low odour during and after application, and the fact that it is quick drying. As a water-based epoxy formulation, HD Floor + Wall is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray to achieve ultra hard-wearing quality, and touch dry in just three hours with recoats possible after 14 hours.

“By the time the guys have packed up and got the stuff back in the van, it’s already rock hard,” said Ms Lambert, “It’s a product I’d always trust.”