Brewers Bromley Are On A Mission To Support Their Local Community

21 May 2024

Louise from Brewers Bromley has been making her community a brighter place, looking for ways in which the local store can make a difference. Brewers Bromley were thrilled to be able to donate some product to their local homeless shelter, to transform their day room.

Bromley Homeless Shelterā€™s mission is to provide support and positive intervention to empower anyone facing homelessness in the London borough of Bromley. They do this by offering the following services:

  • Homelessness advice
  • On-sire nurse
  • Housing support
  • Hosted accommodation
  • Eviction mediation support
  • Food and clothing bank
  • Counselling services
  • ID documentation advice
  • Welfare rights advice
  • Day centre services

The store donated a series of sundries and paints to refresh such a vital community space. Store Manager, Louise Hayden said ā€˜It was a true pleasure to be able to support Bromley Homeless Shelter with a donation of supplies. The centre is just round the corner from Brewers and has such a positive impact on our local community, so it was fantastic to be able to help them out!

You can find out more about Bromley Homeless Shelter on their website.

Louise has been on a mission to support other areas of the local community as well with sponsorship and donations. The store was thrilled to be able to support their local rugby club with a sponsorship of Ā£500 for their upcoming tour! The store also donated Brewers goodies including **mugs, stirrers, hats** to Whitehall Recreation Ground and their big Easter event, bringing the community together whilst raising money for upkeep of the park.

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