Press Information Ground-breaking new formulations mean you can prime AND paint ANY surface from a single tin

21 May 2024

Four incredible new Intelligent Paint finishes, underpinned by Little Greene’s new Intelligent Grip™
technology, innovatively combine primer and topcoat in a single tin of paint.

Little Greene have upgraded the formulations of their best-selling Intelligent Paints, using ground-breaking paint technology to deliver unique qualities that will change the way we decorate.

This suite of environmentally-friendly finishes, in a full range of sheen levels from completely flat to high gloss, is already revered by homeowners, designers and professional decorators for combining a beautiful finish with unrivalled durability, ease of application and peace of mind.

This reputation is set to be further advanced as – thanks to the upgrade – these finishes can now be painted, direct from the tin, on almost any surface in the home, and will securely grip with no requirement for a separate primer.

Even more remarkably, as true multi-surface paints, each finish will confidently adhere directly to all the common domestic building substrates: wood and plaster, but also metal (including radiators), plastics, uPVC, melamine, Formica® and even tiles and glass.

Such are the unrivalled adhesive qualities of Intelligent Grip™ technology, these paints don’t require significant surface preparation; only aged oil-based gloss requires a light sanding to guarantee premium adhesion and finish. All other surfaces just need to be stable, clean and dry to receive an amazing single-tin Intelligent Paint treatment.

All Intelligent Paint finishes are available in every colour in the Little Greene palette, so there are virtually no limits in bringing fabulous colour to all corners of the home.

Intelligent Grip™ technology makes the decorating process simpler and more economical, reduces waste paint and offers new ways for interior designers to embrace colour.

Little Greene’s Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead, comments: “With paintable surfaces no longer restricted to specific finishes, and conventionally ‘non-paintable’ surfaces now part of the conversation, we’ve taken a big step forward in the creative process of designing and decorating with colour.

Little Greene is a family business and it’s always been in our culture to keep innovating, be that exploring and forging trends in colour and pattern, finding new ways to reduce waste, such as our Re:mix collection, or embracing cutting-edge technology in the laboratory to bring enhanced performance to our paints.

Minimal preparation time, reduced drying times and less cleaning time all contribute to a very efficient process. We’ve removed the headache of sanding and separate primers, and with a single tin there is less wastage, both in packaging and leftover paint.”

All paints in the Intelligent system are:

  • Self-priming – Intelligent Grip™ brings the technology of the primer into the topcoat, with no compromise to the finish and no need for a separate primer. Transform a room with a single tin of paint, minimising fussy preparation, extra cost, packaging and left-over paint.
  • Multi-surface – these paints can be creatively applied directly to almost any substrate, providing a cohesive look across all surfaces, whether it’s completely matt, low-sheen, mid-sheen or high gloss.
  • Up to 15 times tougher than ordinary decorative paints. The new Intelligent finishes can resist stains, take knocks and tolerate persistent scrubbing, with no compromising to their beautiful appearance; looking good for longer in both residential and commercial environments.
  • Environmentally-friendly and child-safe. Completely solvent-free, with the lowest possible VOC content and certified “Child Safe” for toys and children’s rooms, these paints are perfect for the family home. Most dirty stains and marks can be washed or scrubbed away with a damp cloth or a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water. All Intelligent Paints are water-based and low in odour, and brushes can be safely cleaned in running water.
  • Time-saving with minimal disruption. Surfaces require minimal preparation. Application by brush or roller is easy, and recoat time is just 1–4 hours, meaning several coats can be applied on the same day.
  • Exterior grade – The Intelligent Grip™ formulations have excellent adhesion and the paints are so tough that they can be used internally or externally for the decoration and protection of your entire home.

The Finishes:

Intelligent Matt Emulsion (2% Sheen)

The original and flattest finish in the Intelligent Paints range, Intelligent Matt Emulsion’s upgraded formulation means you really can paint it anywhere.

It’s the first choice for interior walls and ceilings, and is especially suited to high-traffic areas of the home including hallways, living spaces, children’s rooms and utility areas.

You can now achieve a uniform flat look on virtually any other surface in the room; woodwork, trim, panelling, radiators and even tiles or glass, all from the same tin.

And even more remarkable than that – unlike other ‘multi-surface paints’ – you don’t need to use a separate primer.

Intelligent Eggshell (10–15% Sheen)

With a hallmark soft sheen, Intelligent Eggshell retains all of its original elegance, but its new formulation brings the same truly multi-surface and self-priming qualities, meaning you can apply it direct from the tin across a complete range of surfaces in the home.

With enhanced resistance to moisture, staining, condensation and general wear and tear, Intelligent Eggshell is the most likely finish to be used on woodwork; skirting, doors, panelling, radiators and window trims.

Its smooth, scrubbable surface makes Intelligent Eggshell especially good on surfaces where repeated resistance to condensation or contamination is desired, so it’s a great choice for bathroom or kitchen walls too.

Intelligent Satin (30–35% Sheen)

Intelligent Satin has a slightly higher sheen level and can similarly be used across multiple surfaces to achieve a scheme that is harmonious in both colour and finish.

Supremely hard-wearing, Intelligent Satin is the ideal candidate for everyday household surfaces that are subjected to the wear and tear of daily life: walls, woodwork, kitchen cabinets, kitchen tiles, melamine, wooden furniture and glass.

Intelligent Satin is extensively used, and revered, by professional decorators and bespoke painted kitchen manufacturers.

Intelligent Gloss (85–90% Sheen)

The finish of this fabulous, high gloss paint is now on a par with a traditional oil-based gloss.

Extraordinarily tough and fully washable, Intelligent Gloss is quick-drying, and capable of dramatically transforming a space (or a smart front door) using a combination of its unique light-reflectance and a fabulous, rich Little Greene colour.