Free webinar – Understanding SSIP and its role in unlocking more commercial work

5 June 2024

Do you want to learn about SSIP? Did you know SSIP can make tendering easier? Many businesses don’t know the benefits of having an SSIP accreditation. Why not stand out from the crowd and show everyone your Health & Safety is top-notch by joining PDA Associate Partner HS Direct’s upcoming webinar ‘Understanding SSIP and its role in unlocking commercial work’ on the 11 June at 2pm.

They’ll cover:

  • What is an SSIP accreditation?
  • What do you need for an SSIP accreditation?
  • How can an SSIP accreditation unlock commercial work?

Or, if you’d like to talk to the team at HS Direct about getting further support with their bespoke software solutions, call 0114 244 4461 or click here to request a callback.