Men’s Health Week

10 June 2024

This Men’s Health Week, let’s prioritise the wellbeing of the men who keep our construction industry moving!

Construction is demanding, with long hours and physical labour. Yet, many men hesitate to prioritise their health. Men are 40% less likely to visit a doctor regularly. Construction workers have higher risks of heart disease, mental health issues and suicide.

Let’s take action…

  • Promote awareness: Organise talks on prostate cancer, mental health and staying active
  • Encourage screenings: Offer onsite health checks
  • Break the stigma: Create a safe / private space for men to discuss health concerns
  • Promote healthy habits: Provide healthy snacks and encourage exercise breaks
  • Offer support: Share info on local health services and mental health resources

If you or anyone you know is struggling with health related issues, speak to Lighthouse Charity for help and support.