Code of Practice

Members of the Painting & Decorating Association shall subscribe to and be bound by this Code of Practice which establishes standards of their conduct and the quality of work undertaken by them to raise the status of painting and decorating contractors and to improve their trade relationships with private, commercial and industrial clients.
Code of Practice – October 2017

1. Members of the Association shall always conduct themselves in a professional manner, upholding the integrity of the painting & decorating industry and the Painting & Decorating Association (PDA) and carry out work in accordance with good trade practice and the recognised standards of the painting and decorating industry.

2. (i) A Member firm shall submit a written quotation for work to be undertaken unless the work is of such intricate nature as to preclude the submission of a fair quotation; in such cases, it may be pointed out to the client that it would be to the advantage of both parties if the work were to be carried out on a day work basis.

(ii) In such cases, prior to the commencement of any work, the client should be informed of the day work rates for labour and materials.  Daywork sheets and/or fully costed timesheets should be presented to the client if so requested.

(iii) A Member firm shall be under no obligation to submit an estimate to establish the value of an insurance or other claim; but if an estimate is submitted for such a purpose, a fee may be charged.

(iv) Any quotation submitted shall be fair to both parties and shall be such as to yield a reasonable profit for a fair job.

3. (i) A Member firm shall ensure that all work is executed by competent workmen and apprentices under proper supervision.  Employees shall be paid fair wages in accordance with rates agreed by the Construction Industry Joint Council.

(ii) A Member firm shall, if so requested, make recommendations of the materials to be used; such materials to be of good quality and to be used in accordance with the makers’ recommendations and good trade practice.

4. A Member firm shall arrange and maintain adequate insurance cover for employers’ liability, public liability and such other risks as may be required by the contract terms or deemed necessary by the type of work undertaken.

5. (i) A Member firm shall always recommend a method of treatment that will give a good and lasting job and which is adequate for its purpose.  When working to a specification, the terms thereof shall be faithfully carried out

(ii) The attention of the client or his representative shall be drawn to any apparent shortcomings which exist in a specification, but no responsibility will be accepted for work carried out on the client’s instructions, in direct conflict with the Member firm’s professional advice.

(iii) Having complied with clause 5. (ii), no Member firm shall have any responsibility for an inadequate specification prepared by a professional architect or surveyor.

6. A Member firm ought not to be expected, without financial compensation, to rectify matters which are not its responsibility.

7. A Member firm shall guarantee its work against failures due to its defective workmanship or materials for a period of six months from the date of completion of the work.

8. A Member firm should display the PDA Trademark on its premises, vehicles, letterheads and media advertising wherever practicable to publicise its observance of the Code of Practice which should be available for inspection.

9. A Member firm shall ensure that the advertising or promotion of its services is accurate.

10. A Member firm shall comply with the regulations laid down in respect of its work by the Health & Safety Executive.

11. Members undertake to adopt a responsible attitude in maintaining a properly trained workforce, and the due recognition of good practice in matters concerning Equal Opportunities and to the environment.

12. The Painting and Decorating Association which sponsors the Code, provides a clients’ advisory service with conciliation and arbitration arrangements available to help resolve any disputes which may arise between Member firms and their clients.