Press_coverage.JPGThe PDA has made the headlines in the last few months with coverage in newspapers across the country highlighting the professionalism and high standards of our members.

To date almost 60 articles of coverage have been achieved from two PDA press releases, with social media activity including almost 1,300 Twitter impressions and Facebook reach figures of just under 2,000.

The first press release explained the importance of choosing a PDA member to ensure the selection of a trusted painter and decorator.

The article linked to a free online document from the PDA, entitled “A Guide to Choosing A Trusted Painter and Decorator,” which is available at

The second press release explained the issue of rogue decorators fraudulently using the PDA logo – and set out tips to householders on how to avoid being cheated by tradesmen making false claims about membership.

Again this linked to a guide, entitled “Steps To Avoid Being Taken In By Paint Fraudsters” which can be viewed at

PDA members are welcome to link to both guides on their own websites to reinforce the trusted trader message.

The media coverage was organised by the PDA’s agency Shepherd PR, working with PDA’s newly-appointed marketing manager Angelique Crosnier.

Angelique said: “The media coverage has helped to share the message to many thousands of householders about the exacting standards PDA members have to achieve to join the association.”

The next guide being produced will tap into the increasing recognition by local government of the importance of PDA membership.”

The move comes as more tenders request recognition of professional standing. As a result, the PDA is producing the guide for property professionals, setting out the benefits of using members of the association. This will be supported by media activity across the local authority and social housing titles.