Arystox Flexi-Pads and Blocks – The evolution is here

21 June 2021

Axus Decor’s new abrasive blocks and Flexi-Pads harness the power of ceramic grain.

Thanks to its “microcrystalline” structure, ceramic oxide grain is unquestionably superior to conventional aluminium oxide grains. Tiny fragments of the mineral break off as you sand, revealing new, razor-sharp edges. As a result, you’ll remove material rapidly with less exertion. Also, it takes a long time for the mineral to break down completely, so the abrasives last extremely long.

Arystox Blocks have an ultra-high-density foam that helps you distribute even pressure to the surface that you’re sanding. Arystox Flexi-Pads adapt to surface contours, making them great for mouldings. Both feature a non-stick coating that prevents clogging, and both can be used wet or dry.