Special Offers this Summer!

18 June 2021

CT1 is the Number 1 construction sealant and adhesive in the UK, who design, develop, and distribute revolutionary problem preventing products such as sealants, glue remover and more. It is the healthiest choice for the home and healthcare facility. Boasting over 25 accreditations, this makes CT1 the healthiest choice for your home.

The most unique accreditation and highly accredited, is The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association. The NAAF logo is highly sought after and one of the hardest accreditations to receive. The association test and award products based on their ability to reduce asthma and allergy attacks in the home. CT1 has been awarded this which is the only sealant and adhesive globally to achieve this. A label recognised globally as the highest in its authority for advising and testing products that reduce asthma and allergy in the home.

Peel Tec from the creators of CT1, with groundbreaking technology, can peel paint away in minutes. Peel Tec saves you hours of painstaking labour. Saying goodbye to the old tedious methods of removing paint using harsh solvents, heat, and mechanical methods.

Peel Tec which amazing is 100% Methyl Chloride Free, is safe to use with no dangerous vapours or accidentally scratching. Peel Tec will remove all paints and won’t damage the base material.

Peel Tec is now available in Crown Decorating Centers – Offers now on Buy 2 CT1 cartridges get a can of Peel Tec FOC! For a limited time only!

For further information or to view our product demo, please visit www.ct1.com or call our Head Office to speak to our Technical Team on 028 3083 4892.

More information on Peel Tec here: https://youtu.be/zj2pI8w3k04