Graham & Brown announces its Wallpaper and Colour of the Year 2022

8 September 2021

Each Autumn, Graham & Brown the UK‚Äôs leading wallpaper and paint specialist, announces its Wallpaper of the Year and Colour of the Year.  Looking to the future and drawing inspiration from recent events alongside over seventy-five years of design and manufacture expertise, the in-house design studio has chosen to bring calm and rejuvenation to the home.

Launching the 2022 statement pieces from its design headquarters in Blackburn in a globally streamed interactive showcase, Andrew Graham MBE announced the brand‚Äôs shift to renewable electricity, decreasing its carbon emissions by 29%, and that the Graham and Brown would be carbon neutral by January 2022. 

The brand’s Wallpaper of the Year RESTORE, and Colour of the Year BREATHE, reflect this celebration of nature, self-care, reflection, and optimism for the future.


This year‚Äôs design, RESTORE, features a variety of wild plants placed on a chalky, concrete-like backdrop imitating the unstoppable forces of nature reclaiming the manmade.  Drawing from the hardships of the past two years, this pattern is a symbol for self-care and consideration of how people can limit their impact on the environment and reconnect with mother nature. The organic and sophisticated Wallpaper of the Year 2022, RESTORE Midnight, is designed with healing, rejuvenation, and reconnection with nature all in mind. Juxtaposing the natural and synthetic, this elegant design is reminiscent of a wild yet calming concrete jungle. The design features wild, exotic botanicals taking over a soothing, smoky blue backdrop.

Restore is available in two further colourways. In addition to Midnight is the cool, refreshing, Sky, and misty, tropical Emerald. Restore Sky is the lighter, featuring a calming colour palette of icy whites and sky blues. Restore Emerald is a tranquil yet refreshing design, created to bring the outdoors into your home. Featuring crisp green, botanical trails meandering through the depths of the emerald, green backdrop. This organic and sophisticated design is also available as a bespoke, made-to-measure mural.

Mural of the Year: RESTORE Midnight, highlighting how far wall covering production and technology has developed and evolved over the years. Designed to reflect our refreshed state of mind and new lifestyle, this is a manifestation of the coming year.

When designing our Wallpaper and Colour of the Year for 2022 we really took our time to consider what is important to us and what we have valued over the past year. As time seemed to slow, we had a moment of self-reflection to consider the environment around us from the protective shells of our homes, we discovered the importance of self-care. When choosing our Colour of the Year we considered sustainability and the need to take a breath, this soothing mid blue hue invokes a cool calmness in almost any room creating a space for reflection. Through the limited access to the outdoors, we have truly appreciated the importance of nature, and the natural calmness that we find in the elements. This led us to the creation of our Wallpaper of the Year, Restore, its wild and trailing detailing references the natural habitat reclaiming the urban spaces, questioning our impact on the environment and a need to reconnect with natures healing qualities.‚ÄĚ

Design Manager, Maryanne Cartwright

As with all Graham & Brown Wallpaper and murals each colour way is perfectly partnered with four paints designed to complement the wallpaper. One of these paint colours is the 2022 Colour of the Year, Breathe, a calming mid blue made to create tranquil and soothing spaces.


To complement the Restore wallpaper design, Graham & Brown has announced its Colour of the Year 2022: BREATHE.

A soothing mid blue hue, the Colour of the Year 2022 is truly a breath of fresh air. Breathe is perfect for creating calm and peaceful spaces which is exactly what is needed for the year ahead. Dark enough to add colour and depth but light enough to remain refreshing, this tranquil shade can be used almost anywhere in the home. Pair with crisp whites and cool greys for an airy feel or try partnering with deeper blues to create a moody space. Like all Graham & Brown paint, Breathe is water-based, low odour and VOC, resulting in fewer fumes and a more environmentally friendly product. The paint cans are fully recyclable and there is no animal testing involved in any Graham & Brown products.

‚ÄúThis year‚Äôs wallpaper and colour of the year captures our reconnection with nature ‚Äď which resonates with the continued improvements in how we manufacture which has always had sustainability at its heart. We are delighted to be taking our sustainability to the next level this year with our switch to renewable electricity and becoming carbon neutral ‚Äú  

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Graham MBE

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