Level Up to Lick Pro: Home-decor brand, Lick, launches a platform and range designed for professional and trade use

18 January 2022

Leading home decor brand, Lick, has launched Lick Pro, a made-to-order model, designed with professional decorators, designers and property experts in mind. The high-quality paint, which is available at an exclusive trade price, has been created by the brand following extensive research into what the trade community want and need. 

The designer paint is available in the same range of pigment-rich shades, with a matt or eggshell finish. It is low VOC, wipeable and water based as the brand continues with its eco-friendly mission of doing good for both the consumer and the planet. 

Lick Pro is manufactured to order and mixed by machines to minimise waste. Following feedback from Lick’s trade community, the brand has updated the Lick Pro packaging to a shape and size preferred by professionals, helping to further reduce unnecessary paint waste.

Lick Co-Founder Lucas London comments

‚ÄúLaunching a professional focussed arm to Lick has always been a goal of ours. We want all decorators, to enjoy our high-quality paints, so entering the trade market was a natural next step for us. We understand the necessary differences when catering to this audience, so conducted extensive research and worked closely with our professional community to develop a platform and product that worked specifically for the needs of professional decorators, architects, interior designers and developers.‚ÄĚ

To access Lick Pro, professionals simply register on the site to receive a welcome pack, which includes a 250ml sample pot and Lick‚Äôs 2‚ÄĚ bamboo paint brush, enabling them to experience the quality of both the paints and tools, first hand. In addition to this, professionals will receive a colour fan that showcases the full range of Lick‚Äôs Pro‚Äôs shades, a colour chip brochure and a peel and stick sample of Lick‚Äôs best-selling hue. 

Lick Pro’s expert decorator, Alex Glover says

‚ÄúThe quality and service offered by Lick Pro is incomparable to other trade offerings. Its modern, enjoyable user experience, and streamlined colour offering simplifies the ordering process. In addition to paints, professionals can purchase all the necessary decorating tools from the same place, and trust that the materials they receive are top quality and sustainably sourced. Next day delivery provides decorators with a fast turnaround and prevents unnecessary delays to a job, furthermore, the high-quality, pigment-rich colours guarantee a beautiful finish in just two coats‚ÄĚ 

Professionals can register for access to Lick Pro from today onsite at: https://www.lick.com/uk/pro