Graham & Brown launches Drop 1 with three biophilic designs

14 February 2022

Taking inspiration from the Biophilic trend, Graham & Brown has launched three new trailing naturalistic designs, Edulis, Tigerlily and Borneo. Each new design has four perfectly partnered paints to create a full room solution.

Paula Taylor, Colour & Trend Specialist at Graham & Brown comments: The natural elements of Edulis show our need to connect with nature. This biophilic trend we call Reclaim saw us locked away as nature gently took back the cities. Now we marvel at the resilience of nature and see how plants could be the key to saving the planet. We may just still have time to turn back the tide and to slow down. Edulis is all about edible foraged plants, going back to basics, foraging, growing your own and finding a deeper connection with nature. Gardens have become an extension of the kitchen, office, gym and become an essential entertaining area.


The foraging nature of this design teams perfectly with a natural rustic feel. Natural textures of woods and rattans would work perfectly with this design. Foraged tree stumps make an excellent table, branches make a great statement centrepiece. The design should be paired with natural colours; green would be the obvious go-to but also consider grey blue tones to compliment and keep the room looking fresh. Each plant used in the design is edible and natural, creating the perfect synergy for kitchen design and bringing natural ingredients into the culinary environment. Zoe Hopgood, Designer at Graham & Brown

Edulis Sky (£65.00 per roll), Haptic Sage, Breathe Roller Blind & Turtle Shell Eggshell paint


The exotic nature of this design evokes a sense of escapism and feeds our passion for bringing the outside in. The bold green, teals, and blues of this design work fabulously with brass and copper tones. Team with sumptuous plush velvets to add a comforting and soothing vibe, providing a tactile and restful ambiance great for the living room or an exotic bedroom.¬†‚Äď Zoe Hopgood, Designer at Graham & Brown

Tigerlily Midnight (£65.00 per roll), Opulence Jewel Curtain & Jewel in the Crown Matt emulsion


The layered detail of the foliage teams beautifully with soft natural tactile pieces. Cushions and throws with a handmade feel pair naturally with light woods, keeping the mood light with soft tones and accentuating nature by accessorising with plants. This would work well as a sanctuary in the bedroom or a great relaxing family zone.Paula Taylor, Colour & Trend Specialist at Graham & Brown

Borneo Powder (£65.00 per roll), Haptic Straw, Palm Stone Roman Blind & Champagne Flute Matt emulsion 
Borneo Emerald (£65.00 per roll)

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