2023/24 Business Plan

14 April 2023

Business Plan 2023-24: Putting Employer’s in the Driving Seat

Over the coming year we’re investing over £246m to support British construction. CITB’s business plan will build on our achievements to date, and our work will focus on tackling three key priority areas:

  • Improving construction’s people pipeline
  • Creating defined training pathways
  • Delivering an efficient training supply

1. Improving construction’s people pipeline

The labour market has over a million vacancies and approximately 250,000 are seeking employment. Construction needs a stronger pipeline of talent and more direct access to skilled jobs. However, there are barriers to attracting new talent. Research indicates potential new recruits don’t have positive perceptions of the industry. As a result, only 30% feel that construction is ‘for them.’

2. Creating defined training pathways

A skills system where training pathways are defined and flexible, with achievements validated through the Construction Training Register, is one of our top objectives. In 2023-24 CITB will produce qualification and training pathways for 20% of the industry’s additional skills demands, focusing on priority occupations such as bricklaying, carpentry and joinery.

3. Delivering an efficient training supply

An effective training supply is imperative to meet the skills needs of industry. Employers have told us they are looking to upskill their workforce to fill gaps and show their employees that they are valued and willing to pay for training to improve their careers. In addition, mandatory core occupational skills training needs to be delivered efficiently. To make this work, CITB will provide financial incentives to help businesses to do more training and work with providers to ensure good quality training is available when and where it’s needed.

To read the full 2023/24 business plan, please click the link below.