Industry Impact Fund

14 April 2023

The Industry Impact Fund is aimed at construction employers looking to make a positive difference to the construction industry by developing solutions to key challenges faced by the workforce across the UK.

The fund launched April 2023 and is the first fund of its kind for CITB. It will pilot a new way of supporting the needs of industry. The fund puts employers in the driving seat when it comes to designing and developing training and skills solutions.

Why have productivity, equality, diversity and inclusion been identified as the areas of focus for this fund?

The areas of focus for the Industry Impact Fund are challenges that have an industry wide impact on construction’s people pipeline. Current research expects an additional 225,000 workers will be required to meet UK construction demand by 2027.

By improving productivity, and by this we mean the efficiency of how a person completes a task, the industry will be better able to deliver the expected demand for construction over the coming years.

Research confirmed that people outside the industry have a preconception that construction is predominately male, manual and muddy. By focusing funding on solutions that encourage greater equality, diversity and inclusion we aim to make the construction more appealing to more people from a range of backgrounds ‚Äď a wider talent pool for the industry to draw upon.

I’ve got a big idea; how do I apply?

All CITB- registered employers can apply to the Industry Impact Fund.

If you are assessed to pay levy, then your levy- payments need to be up to date and your 2022 levy return submitted.

If you are not required to pay levy under the Small Businesses exemption, then this criterion does not apply to you.

If you think your proposal can address any of the challenges in the areas mentioned above, then please get in touch with your local adviser to discuss your idea further.

Your local adviser will have an initial conversation with you, to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and the aims of this fund. Then, you will be asked to complete an application form and send to¬†[email protected].

If you have a big idea but are not a registered employer, you can take your idea to an employer for them to submit as a lead as long as you’re clear who is involved in achieving the gain for industry.

What would make a successful application?

We are looking for proposals that can provide construction ‚Äď led solutions across the industry. These are long-term solutions that go beyond day-to-day training covered by our Grant Scheme or ideas supported through our other funding channels.

When considering your application, please remember we would like to fund projects that can:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction businesses by implementing new training methods, improving communication and collaboration among teams and streamline workflows to increase outputs.
  • Ensure that all workers are treated fairly and with respect.
  • Ensure the presence of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds among the construction workforces.
  • Create a work environment that is supportive and welcoming of all workers.
  • Be scalable, by sharing knowledge and resources across the industry
  • Be sustainable past the period of funding.

That’s why we encourage you to:

See the bigger picture: What are the challenges the construction industry is facing and how can you help come up with a long-term solution?

Consider your strength and expertise: Have you dealt with any issues in your own business and come up with an effective solution that can benefit others in the construction industry?

Consider a sustainable solution: Whereas CITB has financial support to cover everyday training needs, we are looking for proposals that provide an attainable solution that can start to make a different but has longevity to continue to deliver benefits and will be sustained across industry well into the future. This means it‚Äôs important you detail to your local adviser how your proposal will address a problem or challenge in a sustainable and lasting way.

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please contact your local adviser.

Please follow the link below for more in depth information.