Save time on the job

8 September 2023

Man spraying plaster on wall

As any professional knows, putting in the extra time in your prep work is the key to achieving a quality finish. But now there‚Äôs a new way to save time on the job, without compromising on quality.  

Airless spray plastering looks set to revolutionise the way we work, with its fast and effortless application saving you time and money on site. The technology uses a high-powered machine to rapidly force a ready mixed filler (or ‚Äėplaster‚Äô) onto a surface. 

Although the initial setup may take longer, the application is significantly faster than traditional methods. Save time, and you save cost ‚Äď Extra time means extra jobs and the tech saves on labour. 

  • Skimming or finishing a 50m¬≤ room typically takes 8 hours to apply 2 coats. 
  • With airless technology, it can be achieved in 2¬Ĺ hours.

Now, our Associate Partner Toupret has put its knowledge and know-how into a new range of spray plasters that guarantees the high quality and reliability the brand is famous for.

The range allows you to complete jointing and skimming works, as well as backing and finishing jobs. Each product can be sprayed up to 5mm thick without slumping and offers an excellent finish, ready for painting. 

Discover the full range of Toupret spray plasters here >>