A Fantastic Anniversary Year for Lighthouse Club Northern Ireland

29 January 2024

2023 was a pinnacle year for the Lighthouse Club in Northern Ireland as they celebrated a significant milestone marking 60 years of providing wellbeing support and services across the construction community. It also witnessed the revival of the Northern Ireland Committee.

Recognising the need for a committee dedicated to Northern Ireland, the charity spearheaded an initiative to bring together newly aligned supporters and stakeholders to form the new committee.

In April 2023, David Hughes of Pure Fitout in Belfast, Brendan Crealey of ITS in Portadown, and Michaela Courtney of Danu Digital, became the founding members of the committee. The committee continued to expand with representatives from key bodies and organisations within the construction sector joining the group and bolstering support.

Following the success of the Lighthouse Club Summer Lunch at Dublin’s Croke Park, the newly established Northern Ireland Committee resolved to host a similar event in Belfast and in September, the club hosted its first fundraising event for almost two decades at the stunning Titanic Belfast. Over 200 guests from the Northern Ireland construction community were treated to an afternoon of inspirational speakers, local delicacies, and networking. Former Northern Ireland Chair Frank McKee attended to pass the ceremonial chain to new Chair David Hughes.

‚ÄúI felt compelled to join the charity and make a difference‚ÄĚ said David, Chair of Lighthouse Club Northern Ireland. ‚ÄúThrough training, I had enhanced my understanding on the impact of psychosocial risks in our industry, so having the opportunity to be part of a charity offering so much support for our workforce was perfect. I am proud to be part of an incredibly pro-active and energetic committee and we have been busy forging new links and championing professional development within the industry to raise awareness of the Lighthouse Charity‚Äôs fantastic services. ‚Äú

Brendan Crealey, Vice Chair shared his own experiences of the impact of poor wellbeing. ‚ÄúAs a company we have been supporting local suicide prevention charities for several years and just a few years ago a lifetime friend of mine, lost a child to suicide. This sharpened my resolve to try and help in some way. With such a big proportion of our clients and candidates working in the construction industry, we can share the message of support far and wide. I‚Äôm delighted to be part of a team who are making such a huge difference to our construction community in Ireland and if we change just one life then we are making a positive impact.‚ÄĚ

Looking ahead to 2024, the Northern Ireland Club is gearing up for an even busier year of events and fundraising. There’s talk of an ROI vs Northern Ireland football match and following its success last year, a second Orchard County scenic cycle ride is being managed by ITS in Portadown, The MakeItVisible On-Site team will also be visiting locations across Ireland and helping to spread the message of support.

If you would like to know more about the charity or get involved in any way please contact:
Natalie Ryan, Regional Ambassador for Ireland
Email [email protected]

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