HMG Featured In Womens Family Business Spotlight

31 January 2024

Manchester based, PDA Associate Partner HMG Paints Ltd are delighted to share the news that Family Business United have named several members of our team within the “2024 Women in Family Business Report.” The latest edition of the report includes Gracienne Ikin, Rebecca Bristow, Helen Clark, Shannon Williams and Melissa Strowbridge who have all been credited for their positive and significant impact on the business. All of these women play a key role in HMG Paints on a daily basis.

This recognition by Family Business United reflects the dedication and influence our staff have within the business, and the report showcases the essential roles played by these accomplished women. HMG Paints takes pride in the achievements of its team members, and this acknowledgement highlights the contributions taken by our members to help drive our success as a proud multi-generational family business.

The 2024 Women in Family Business Report

Paul Andrews, Founder and CEO of Family Business United who compiled the report is delighted with the results; “We wanted to celebrate the many different roles that women have within the world of family business across the UK today and have uncovered some truly inspirational individuals, some who have given a lifetime of service and support and others that are just embarking on the early stages of their journey.  They are all being recognised for their contributions, family members and non-family members alike, all of whom continue to make a difference each and every day.”

“This report celebrates a collection of wonderful individuals, great ambassadors for the family businesses in which they are involved, and for the broader impact that they have on their colleagues and the broader community, and for the contribution they make to the thriving family business sector which is at the very heart of our nation.   It is clear that women play a massive role in driving the family business agenda, and it is a privilege to be able to compile a report that highlights the diverse roles they play and give recognition for their endeavours as pioneers, , innovators, agents of change, truly inspirational leaders and to celebrate the next generation who are making their mark and to shine a light on the unsung heroes that continue to make a difference and embody everything that being a family business is all about.”

Celebrating the role of women and their contribution to family firms within the UK, Company Secretary Rebecca Bristow commented “It’s an honour to be mentioned alongside not only the brilliant and inspirational women from HMG, but champions of many different industries across the family business sector.”

HMG’s Senior HR Assistant, Melissa Strowbridge added “It was a lovely surprise to be featured in the report. HMG has provided me with a brilliant base for my career by enabling me to complete my Degree Apprenticeship. I’m excited now to move onto the next stage of my career at HMG”.

This achievement is an incredible start of the year for the team at HMG, as the Women in Family Business Report brings forth a collective effort from all areas of the business. We take pride in all of our members of staff and these awards favour the unity found throughout the family-owned business.

On the benefits of working at a family business, Helen Clark added “I think 27 years’ service should answer any questions!!!! It has always been a great pleasure to work for a Family business as you are never just a number, but a name and a person.” Helen who is Head of Purchasing at HMG further added, “John Falder who is now our chairman but was our Managing Director for over 30 years should have been awarded the Best Managing Director of all time. John is passionate about HMG and about Paint.  As I was employed by John 27 years ago and am still employed here, I think that should tell its own story.  Many of our employees have worked here for over a decade and some have even served 40+ years starting out here straight from school.”

We at HMG are all incredibly proud of our team and believe that the encouragement obtained by this achievement will help lead us all to a successful 2024. We thank Paul Andrews and the team at Family Business United and wish all mentioned a very successful year ahead.